Basic Phrases / Travel Phrases

Here is a list of basic words and phrases to know as a tourist in Italy. I’ve also included a few videos that contain most of these phrases, and quite a few more that aren’t on this list, so you can hear what they sound like.

Sì – yes
No – no
Ciao – Hello or goodbye (informal)
Buongiorno – Good morning/hello (more formal)
Buon pomeriggio – Good afternoon / hello (more formal)
Buona notte – good night
Salve – Hello (another way to say hello, mostly used in Rome. A bit more formal than “ciao”)
Arrivederci – goodbye (formal)
Per favore – please
Grazie – thank you
Grazie mille – many thanks
Prego – You’re welcome
Come si chiama? – What is your name?
Mi chiamo … – My name is …
Come sta? – How are you?
Molto bene, e lei? – Very well, and you?
Piacere di conocerla – It’s nice to meet you.
Non parlo italiano – I don’t speak Italian
Parla inglese? – do you speak English? (formal)
Non capisco – I don’t understand
Scusi/ mi scusi – excuse me, pardon me (formal)





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